Earthday Times Square Test Run

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NY Times Square GWC
NY Times Square GWC on display

Dear Friends,

Something really exciting: Last night, the images our international (and largely volunteer) team produced for Earthday had a spectacular test-run on the giant American Eagle screen in Times Square (see amazing photo). Imagine it animated and, on Friday, displayed on not just one but a dozen huge screens.

We're basically inviting the entire country to join us in a celebration to plant trees in regions of the world that most need them through the Green World Campaign.

If everyone I know, you know, and they know simply uses the technology at our fingertips to Text TREE to 85944, we could create a real win for the planet. We really can, by working together now, restore the economy and the ecology of some of the world's poorest places. We can make the world a better place for generations to come.

Will you kindly take a few minutes to spread the word about “Text TREE to 85944” now. I began the Green World Campaign with a simple question: What could we do as global citizens if we really put our minds--and hearts--to it? The answer: Just about anything.


Marc Barasch


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