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Moringa Mzungi Miracle

38° 38' 19.7484" N, 86° 34' 20.1576" E
A farmer harvesting Moringa seeds for pressing in Pemba, Kenya.
A farmer harvesting Moringa seeds for pressing in Pemba, Kenya.

Of them any types of trees we plant, one that has made an amazing impact is Moringa Olifera, called Mzungi on the Coast of Kenya. Over the last two years Green World Campaign has planted tens of thousands of Moringa trees. These tree are now maturing and starting to produce their own seed. This excites us and the communities we work with: Why?

  1. It means they can plant many many more. One of our green world sites - a farmers group or a school, can start supplying seed to an entire village creating an amazing multiplier effect that we are already starting to see.
  2. The leaves of this tree are an amazing food. They are a source of protein and vitamins that are sorely lacking in environmentally degraded areas. More trees = more food = more nutrition = less starvation. One tree can easily feed a family of 7 once a week. Do the math!
  3. OIL! Yes we've hit oil (green oil)! These seeds contain tremendous amounts of oil, that have some amazing properties for skin care and other uses. Kenyans regularly lather themselves and their babies in oil and Moringa oil is one of the best on the planet. For this purpose and due to some amazing Green World Campaign sponsors, we've ordered our first Piteba oil press and are expecting it in two weeks! We'll be sure to document the whole process - as we hope to expand this technology everywhere it is needed.

We're very happy that the Red Cross has begun using our sites as a source of seed for planting in areas around Kenya dealing with food security. Can the Moringa tree really make that much of a difference? We think so.

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