Miyani-Pesa is our second community currency being used to create sustainable environmental service funding.
Kunyeta Beja, a 36 year-old mother of 10
We recently spoke with Kunyeta Beja, a 36 year-old mother of 10 from Miyani, Kenya, who, like many subsistence farmers in rural Kenya, leads a precarious existence. Her husband sells peanuts in Mombasa Town, a 2 hour journey, so she's often left to care for the farm and children alone. She never completed secondary school, so she struggles to ensure her family survives and thrives with minimal income from the farm products she sells and her......Read more
A farmer harvesting Moringa seeds for pressing in Pemba, Kenya.
Of them any types of trees we plant, one that has made an amazing impact is Moringa Olifera, called Mzungi on the Coast of Kenya. Over the last two years Green World Campaign has planted tens of thousands of Moringa trees. These tree are now maturing and starting to produce their own seed. This excites us and the communities we work with: Why? It means they can plant many many more. One of our green world sites - a farmers group or a school, can......Read more
Morgan Richards talking about oil pressing
Planting session Green World Campaign has continued to make strides and change lives in Kenya. Today our office staff got a chance to visit a new addition to our sites in Kenya called Bahakwenu. The area has face severe drought and has recently been targeted by the Red Cross as a site facing acute food security issues. Green World Campaign was asked in 2012 to assist in rehabilitating the area and with a huge amount of community support. A GWC......Read more
Kenya Penpals with Punahou
Students from Mnyanzeni Secondary School have received their first letters from Punahou school in Hawaii. Students at Mnyanzeni have been learning about environmental conservation and tree planting for the last year and are eager to share their lives and projects with American students. The photo shows Venessa Moraa, our coordinator for Kenya's Kwale county, receiving the letter before distribution. Mnyanzeni students are now working on their......Read more
The Late and Great Wangari Mathai
The passing of Wangari Maathai is a loss to the world, but a personal one, as well. I first met THE Kenyan tree-planter, democracy crusader, and peacemaker in 1991, when I was writing a global TV special on the Earth Summit for Ted Turner. We didn't see each other again until nine years later, at the State of the World Forum in New York, when a scheduled half-hour interview turned into an afternoon heart-to- heart and tete-a-tete. A friendship......Read more
NY Times Square GWC
Dear Friends, Something really exciting: Last night, the images our international (and largely volunteer) team produced for Earthday had a spectacular test-run on the giant American Eagle screen in Times Square (see amazing photo). Imagine it animated and, on Friday, displayed on not just one but a dozen huge screens. We're basically inviting the entire country to join us in a celebration to plant trees in regions of the world that most need......Read more
Aseel Zahran from Jordan
Aseel Zahran from Jordan sends us this message: In honor of Green World Campaign, a group of volunteers from the Abraham's Path Initiative organized a small tree planting event in Amman. Ruba, Shatha, Aseel and Mais are four young people who are committed to keeping the Abrahamic Path in Jordan alive and maintaining the historical route, thus offering a place of meeting and connection for people of all faiths and cultures, and invite others to......Read more
With the long rains upon us here in Kenya the time for tree planting is now. This morning the air was thick and warm. I was sweating before I was out of the door. Huge puddles fill the roads and the matatu swerves around them. Eventually I am at a small plot of land near a school. Holes were dug the previous days and children are standing around everywhere waiting to plant their tree. The class 3 students had been raising these trees now for 3......Read more