Coconut Oil and Green Value

Kids benefit from Coconut oil proceeds
Kids in local schools benefit from Coconut oil proceeds and learn to plant trees and vegetables

Green World Campaign Kenya received a donation of an oil press with a view to help the farmers in the Takaungu area to get a green business that helps them take care of the environment while ensuring they are still able to meet their basic needs. One year on, the oil press has brought immense benefits to the rural community in Takaungu through various activities:Drying Coconuts

Farmers are able to bring coconut nuts to be purchased at the oil press

The local youth have been employed at the press office where they provide labour in manning the press, chopping, drying and packaging the coconut oil and are actively involved in selling at the local community.

Youth have been trained on proper youth Management and all waste from the press serves as animal fodder for the local animals mostly goats and traditional free ranging chicken that are important for organic farming.

Local youth and children are taking part in community clean ups and planting events.Coconut oil after botteling

The press office has also been a place to do capacity building on organic farming, sustainable farming and encouraging agro-forestry in the community. School children have been able to come to the press office to learn how it operates and market the oil to the parents as in the long term the proceeds will go towards boosting tree and vegetable nurseries through the provision on tanks, shade nets, watering cans, seeds and facilitating bio diversity trips for children to see how their activities impact trees and other animals.