Our offsets focus on reforesting plots of biodiverse sacred forests (called kayas in Swahili). Our programs include 4 years of intensive cultivation and 10 years of monitoring of these plots (or kikundi),  ensuring a 60- 80%  tree survival rate. These areas are also geotagged. 

Though it is estimated that one tree will sequester a ton of carbon in its lifetime, we plant at least ten trees per ton to ensure a true offset. 

Your tax-deductible GWC carbon donation also supports other GWC community projects: biodiverse seedbed nurseries that supply trees; rainwater catchment systems for drip irrigation; drought-resistant “superfood” moringa trees; and training in organic farming (organic soils store at least twice as much carbon). 

By offsetting your carbon footprint through Green World Campaign’s holistic programs, you are not only removing CO2 from the atmosphere. You are helping to restore degraded land, alleviate poverty, provide food security and water, and create resilience in struggling communities on the front lines of climate change.



A group of women at a seedbed nursery for biodiverse trees to be planted in kayas, or sacred forests. GWC nurseries grow nearly 200,000 saplings that are constantly distributed and replenished to communities.