Green World Charter

We were born in a primordial Garden, cradled by the Tree of Life. For untold eons, trees have patiently nurtured us and all creatures.

Their roots extend deep in the human soul, and nourish the soil from which they and we draw sustenance. They bring the rains on which all depend, and create the very air we breathe.

They stand as living monuments to the faith that shall not be moved. Their branches reach heavenward, yielding sweet fruit and fertile seed, sheltering all without prejudice and with unfailing mercy.

But today the Tree of Life is withering from our carelessness and neglect. We sorrow to behold vast areas of our world where the diversity of nature and the vitality of community are daily harder to sustain.

As people of conscience, we will not stand idly by while our hands hold the power to turn ravaged land green, and so relieve the poverty and hunger of our brothers and sisters in barren places.

There is something stirring within each of us, within the human family, as within a seed that needs only light and water and care to grow. We resolve now to renew the sacred Tree of Life.

We pledge to plant new seeds of spirit in the real soil of this world. May each burst forth as a resurgence of hope, a message to children yet unborn that we were mindful of their coming, that we stewarded for them a green and peaceful planet, and kept faith with their future.

We commit now to take steps both large and small to restore the injured landscapes that cry out for healing. We vow to join together to grow billions of trees, defend our precious natural systems, and protect our climate. We promise to renew the ecology and economy of the world’s poorest places.

For we know in our hearts the truth of the ancient proverb: compassion is planting that seedling under whose shade we may never sit. And we believe that if we start from the ground up, plant firm a great intention and care for it with diligence and love, myriad of life’s marvels will arise from the good earth to welcome the generations who will follow.