What We Do: Our Goals

The Green World Campaign (GWC) has a bold agenda: Catalyze a global movement to reforest our planet, raise the living standards of the rural poor, and combat climate change. Its far-reaching aim — to plant hundreds of millions of trees while lifting millions of people out of poverty — can only be achieved by all of us working together.

We want to seed new forests, but that's just the start. We are bringing in appropriate technology (i.e., solar lanterns, pumps, and water purification systems) and fostering village cooperatives to produce organic honey. We're exploring new models of social action, sustainable community, and compassionate living. We see the Green World Campaign as an umbrella (or better, a shade-tree) under which we can gather, break bread, accomplish needful things, and have fun doing it.

GWC provides a framework for people to actually get together. The global village, after all, includes our own home town. How can we combine shrinking our own carbon footprint with stepping up to help our global neighbors? From potlucks and "parties with a purpose" to cultural events and civic initiatives, let's see what we can dream up — and do — to create the green world we'd all enjoy living in.

The Green World Campaign takes a holistic approach in all its activities. We plant multipurpose trees that serve the needs of nature and humanity. Agro-forestry is a way that humanity has cooperated with nature since prehistory. We do all that we can to augment this creative relationship. Planting trees not only restores natural ecology and biodiversity and sucks up carbon dioxide, but helps the resourceful people at "the bottom of the pyramid" to create livelihoods, preserve their culture, sustain village life, remove causes of resource conflict and urban migration, and turn their land/our Earth green again.