We Have the Power to ReGreen the World. Starting Now.


Let’s Start Now


The Earth is losing its trees and healthy soils. After trees are cut down, the land loses its fertility. Hunger and conflict grow. Biodiversity dwindles, and water supplies dry up. Degraded land hastens climate change. But there is something we can do.


Plant more trees. Support eco-agriculture. Our holistic approach helps local people to restore living soil and a healthy ecology, increasing food security, creating sustainable rural communities. Helping landscapes to thrive removes CO2 from the air, preserving the environment for generations to come.


Help people plant their future--and ours. WIth our local partners, we plant trees and practice environmentally friendly farming to restore the ecology and economy of some of the world's poorest places. We help communities to restore and protect forests; return barren land to fertility; nurture biodiversity; develop long-term livelihoods; and preserve cultural values.


What We Do

The award-winning Green World Campaign has a bold agenda: Turn degraded lands green again. Restore decimated forests. Support agricultural practices that plant trees and other species, yielding nutrient-rich soil, healthy communities, and drawing down carbon from the atmosphere back into the ground.

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Where We Work

How can we combine shrinking our own carbon footprint with stepping up to help our global neighbors? Green World Campaign has worked from Ethiopia to Mexico to India and the Philippines and is now focused in Kenya, home to its African operations, where it has planted 3.5 million trees and established 100 eco-schools programs.

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Why Trees?

We plant dozens of indigenous tree species, which nourish and anchor the soil, restore moisture, increase food supply, and bring back a healthy local ecology. Our work includes restoring forest landscapes, regenerating degraded land and repairing cricial watersheds.

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Our Practices

The Green World Campaign eld to the highest standards of accountability and transparency. We focus on listening to what communities need and want. This leads not only to remediation of landscapes but “biocultural” programs to, for example, support elders to pass their knowledge of sacred kaya groves to young people who then help preserve and restore them; youth-led Trees for Peace movements, and more. We also help communities to establish enterprises for self-sufficiency.

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Our offsets focus on reforesting plots of biodiverse sacred forests (called kayas in Swahili). Our programs include 4 years of intensive cultivation and 10 years of monitoring of these plots (or kikundi),  ensuring a 60- 80%  tree survival rate. These areas are also geotagged. 



We’re dedicated to transformative change.

The Green World Campaign (GWC) has a bold agenda: Catalyze a global movement to reforest our planet, raise the living standards of the rural poor, and combat climate change. Its far-reaching aim — to plant hundreds of millions of trees while lifting millions of people out of poverty — can only be achieved by all of us working together.

We want to seed new forests, but that's just the start. We are bringing in appropriate technology (i.e., solar lanterns, pumps, and water purification systems) and fostering village cooperatives to produce organic honey. We're exploring new models of social action, sustainable community, and compassionate living. We see the Green World Campaign as an umbrella (or better, a shade-tree) under which we can gather, break bread, accomplish needful things, and have fun doing it.