Strategic Partnerships

GWC has developed key strategic partnerships with institutions that share its criteria of standards, practices, and a holistic approach to ecology and sustainable development.

ACDI/VOCA (Washington, D.C., is a nearly half-century old non-governmental organization (NGO) that supports forestry and sustainable agriculture projects in 45 countries. Its aim is to empower people to succeed in the global economy. It supports cooperatives, village reconstruction, microcredit, and long value chain enterprises. It wishes to partner with Green World Campaign on projects that link large-scale tree-planting with sustainable economic development.

DAVID AND GOLIATH ( GWC’s advertising agency, recently launched the Kia electric car at the Paris auto show. With offices in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, and London (where they have created a GWC “guerilla marketing” campaign), they are poised to launch the GWC “brand” worldwide under the leadership of J.D. Davis (see bio under “Core Management Team”)

THE SUSTAINABLE VILLAGE ( includes a 10,000 product sustainable technology catalogue and is working in 23 countries. They are focusing on solar lanterns with advanced power management systems (under a World Bank development grant), super-efficient ½ hp pumps (under a Gates Foundation grant), and new water purification systems, and other inventions. Products can be sourced to villages via tree-planting programs.

IDEO (Palo Alto, is one the world's top innovation and design groups, with 600 employees in offices from Palo Alto to Shanghai, and deep connection with leading Silicon Valley enterprises. Clients include 3M, AT&T, Apple, Intel and Bank of America. IDEO specializes in whole systems design, from services to software and media to industrial products (the first Apple computer mouse, the Palm V PDA) to global corporate strategies. With Paul Polak of I.D.E., they helped design a human powered "deep lift" Treadle Pump that has changed the lives of millions of rural farmers.

THE STREAMING MUSEUM ( is a new hybrid museum that presents multi-media exhibitions in cyberspace and public space on 7 continents, and live programming at partnering cultural centers. The museum is produced and broadcast in New York City, with exhibitions generated in collaboration with international cultural, educational, and public centers; visual and performing artists, curators and visionary creators.Since its launch on January 29, 2008 people around the world have been viewing the arts through Streaming Museum, conveniently accessed in cyberspace and public spaces.

COMMUNITY FORGE ( develops mutual credit systems that build social capital across Europe. They provide management, consulting and technology to make mutual credit systems understandable, marketable and easy to use. Community Forge has helped develop and continues to maintain over 50 mutual credit systems in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Canada, and New Zealand.


Key Donors



  • Tom Shadyac
  • Alan and Janis Menken
  • Ingrid Scott
  • Denise Palimieri
  • Michael and Miriam Mescon
  • John Davis
  • Andrew Beath
  • Greg Roach
  • Cheryl McArthur
  • Earl Kaplan
  • Mimi and Peter Buckley
  • Dan Millman
  • John and Margo Steiner
  • David Johnston
  • Sean Montague
  • Leslie Oisner
  • Susan Brady
  • Claudia Wels
  • Jeff Cohn


  • Arthur Howe
  • Phillip Whitney
  • Thomas Kilfeather
  • Mary Marsden
  • Wolfgang Schnurer
  • Norman Barasch
  • Doug and Lynne Barasch


  • Denis Boyle
  • Kay Sprinkle Grace
  • Arthur Bushkin
  • Tara and Casey Sheehan
  • Kristian Simsarian
  • Ellen Asiner
  • Jody Snyder
  • Vicky Peterson
  • Nancy Stetson
  • Betsy Lehrfeld
  • Robert Been
  • Ronda Aikin
  • Mikhael Star
  • Karl Dietzler
  • Janine Silk
  • Michael Davis
  • Ronit Herzfield
  • Richard Knaub
  • Arleen Winer