Trees for Peace
Planting Tree amid the 2017 Election Violence
Kids benefit from Coconut oil proceeds
Green World Campaign Kenya received a donation of an oil press with a view to help the farmers in the Takaungu area to get a green business that helps them take care of the environment while ensuring they are still able to meet their basic needs. One year on, the oil press has brought immense benefits to the rural community in Takaungu through various activities: Farmers are able to bring coconut nuts to be purchased at the oil press The local......Read more
It's been a tumultuous year in Kenya, where Green World Campaign has its African regional headquarters. Hundreds of people have been killed and wounded in terrorist attacks, though largely unremarked by the international press. In keeping with our practice of "planting seeds of spirit in the soil of the world,"Green World Campaign brought groups in coastal Kenya together to plant hundreds of trees to protect a sacred forest and grow trust. Local......Read more
GWC-Kenya Team Winning Eco-Challenge
Green World Campaign Kenya’s tree planting efforts were recognized by the Eco-challenge and the Kenya Forest Service. Our tree planting efforts for the year 2013 were considered an outstanding achievement and we received a special award at the Eco challenge Gala dinner held on September 12, 2014....Read more
Dickson Kamau in Rumuruti receiving seeds from ICRAF
After Dickson Kamau the chairperson for the Rumuruti Forest Association visited one of our coastal sites to train people on Green Charcoal production, he was struck by the oil being pressed and got a full lesson in how to press his own oil. Dickson has since brought this affordable cold pressing technology back to Rumuruti where he is helping local farms plant crop that don't attract elephants. Crops like Canola can produce an amazing oil and......Read more
The first week of August this year was an amazing chance for our communities to learn from an expert in indigenous vegetables. Thanks to Marc Baracsh (GWC's Founder and Director) for having the foresight and reach to put this all together from afar in the US. Thanks so much to Prof. Mary Abukutsa for traveling so far and inspiring people to farm sustainably and nutritiously! Prof. Abukutsa taught over 100 farmers and school children how to plant......Read more
After working for years in northern Kenya with the Rumuruti Forest Association, a community of 5000 farming families dedicated to preserving and conserving their endangered woodlands, we were delighted to have their chairperson Dickson Kamau come to visit GWC communities on the Coast. We had arranged to teach Dickson's group how to produce "green" charcoal from agricultural waste with awardwinning M.I.T.-based group Takachar, and now he was......Read more
Amazing: One Day...1200 People... 20,000 Trees! More People, More Trees, than Ever Before Last week found the office staff of GWC-Kenya anxiously watching the sky every day, hoping for a break in the rain and then a recommencement of the rain perfectly timed around Thursday, May 15 th . The reason for this precise request from the atmosphere? We were holding our biggest planting event EVER in Kenya! Thanks to the sponsorship of the Disney......Read more
Another Year Gone By And so much has been accomplished! From March of 2013-March of 2014, GWC helped plant more than 170,000 trees! With a survival rate of 72% . This means we planted 4 times more trees this year than last year, and 14 times more than the year before that! So, since GWC came to Kenya in 2011, we have directly contributed to the planting of more than 225,000 trees. These trees were planted by: - Children in 62 schools -Farmers......Read more
A proud student with her Moringa tree
Sofia Chizi Mtunda and Hadija Jibebe embody the typical participant in a GWC supported farmers’ cooperative. Both are mid-thirties women with large families—Sofia has four children and Hadija has six. Both women have embraced GWC’s messages about the benefits of moringa trees for leaf consumption and oil production and have integrated both into their daily lives. When we asked Sofia and Hadija about eating moringa leaves, they immediately......Read more
 Misalimu, will spread the message about the importance of trees throughout her lifetime.
Misalimu Bakari is a shining example of the Green World Campaign School Program in Kenya. Every year, students at Mbweka Primary School take home at least two trees to plant in their homesteads. Through their partnership with the Green World Campaign, students successfully raise trees from seeds to mature organisms. The GWC provides training and tree growth materials to patrons and students alike, so schools can be incubators for a new civil......Read more