Happy Earth Day 2019


We all know the clock is ticking.

The world's leading climate panel has called for radical transformation in the way we live on this precious planet--change at a speed and scale with "no documented historic precedent.”

Last year I co-convened ReGen18, a gathering of 500 leaders in green enterprise, eco-activism, food systems, urban planning, and media. Co-sponsored by GWC,  it explored new roadmaps to a Regenerative Society that supports the thriving of both people and planet--and reverses climate change. (See my interview in Forbes.)

I’m happy and proud to bring fresh vegetables to my family like kale, amaranth, and moringa from our Green World gardens!
— Paris Jembe, Kenyan student, Green World Schools

This Earth Day marks an acceleration of our work to "ReGreen the World" which we invite you to support with your ideas, participation, contributions and recurring donation.

Green World Campaign’s rainwater catchment system lets us do three times as much planting as before.
— Hassan Mwaguyua, farmer

A new partnership to plant "Compassion Trees" with the Charter for Compassion. An expansion of the Green World Charter, an eco-spiritual pledge launched at the Parliament of the World’s ReligionsA "global sing" whose seed is an eco-anthem by world-famous composer Alan Menken (“Tree by Tree by Tree")Spreading a youth-led "Trees for Peace" movement in Kenya throughout Africa and the worldA new website and media to invite people worldwide to join the Green World Campaign.

My grandfather prayed among these trees, and I hope to give my grandchildren a chance to pray here, too.
— Elder Mzee Ali Mraubu, who is restoring his tribe's sacred forest

With your help, we can double the 3.5 million trees we've planted in Kenya, growing programs that  improve childhood nutrition, rural income, carbon "drawdown"  and provide eco-education to hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren and farmers. And we can expand our award-winning, regenerative practices around the world!

Green World Campaign began planting trees worldwide 14 years ago, and it has improved lives and sustained communities ever since.

Let's ReGreen the World

  • $10 plants 10 super-food moringa trees plus vegetables to nourish a family

  • $25 plants biodiverse saplings and funds “green” cook-fuel

  • $100 supports a month of a Green World School program, including seedbed nurseries and rooftop rain-catchers

  • $500 buys a small press so women can produce moringa seed oil

  • $1500 supports a holistic village program for a year that includes all of the above

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